Congratulations to Stefania Wheeler on becoming Dyer County Recycles' Vice President! 

Since Dyer County Recycles' conception in early 2016, Stefania Wheeler has undergone great lengths to help strengthen and shape the organization.

From time spent educating our community's youth to numerous hours spent on web design, promoting the cause at the Main Street Farmer's Market and seeking out the talent needed to design alternative promotional tools, Stefania's role is nothing short of dynamic and exceptional.

She brings to the table with her a personality and charisma that is contagious, infecting us all with an amplified desire to cultivate change in tomorrow's generation. Every ounce of energy she invests into the organization she does with the hope of leaving her children a better world and a brighter future.

Over the years, Stefania has planted countless 'seeds of change' in the lives of others through her sentiments and vision; her actions come with a call for immediate transformation, a call that has now been answered by many. Because of her dedication, we, at Dyer County Recycles, are proud and privileged to call her our Vice President.

Stefania's accomplishments include:
DCR Website creation and design
   • Creating numerous partnerships with local businesses and educational facilities including: Forcum Lannom Contractors, Atomix Advertising, Finley Post Office, Finley Elementary School, Main Street Farmer's Market.
   • Founder of Team Earth- a small coalition of children dedicated to making a difference in the Finley community through trash pick-up and recycling.
   • Former Education Leader of Dyer County Recycles- In this role, Stefania spearheaded localized efforts to spread awareness toward recycling efforts in the county and city school systems.
   • Creating and overseeing an in-house recycling system at Forcum Lannom Contractors to serve as a model for like-minded businesses.
   • DCR social media creator/administrator (Stefania helps us link to the world!)
   • Stefania has volunteered countless hours to community awareness projects, helping to provide DCR with a presence at the Main Street Farmers Market, Dyer County Fair and Dogwood Festival.
   • Designed DCR's official 'locations' flier, which highlights recycling facilities both locally and in surrounding areas.

Congratulations Stefania!