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Forcum Lannom Contractors Self-Perform Services.  Did you know? 

Forcum Lannom specializes in the design and construction of many types of facilities, which include refrigerated and dry warehousing, heavy industrial and automotive, food, food-related, and beverage facilities. The structure of these unique and complex projects often require the ability to self-perform portions of the work.

With that comes the questions; What is "Self-Perform"? What are the advantages of using a Self-Perform Contractor?

What is a Self-Perform Contractor?

A self-perform contractor is a contractor with the abilities within their skilled labor force to complete specific construction activities such as concrete, carpentry, or steel erection to expedite the project schedule, save cost, ensure safety, and enhance the overall quality of the project.

What are the advantages of Forcum Lannom Contractors Self-Perform Capabilities?

There are quite a few benefits to using a self-perform contractor; below, they are broken down into four categories: Schedule, Cost, Safety, and Quality.

Schedule Benefits
The knowledge and experience of our self-perform skilled workforce improves the ability to keep the project schedule on track.
Our experienced workforce also allows us to supplement subcontract forces when needed.

Cost Benefits
We will work with you to provide the most economical and when needed alternative solutions to keep the project cost within your budget. Cost data derived from years of experience ensures complete and fair pricing of these scopes of work. Our self-perform resources also help offset local market influences.

Safety Benefits
At Forcum Lannom, we strive for an injury-free project and have a strong safety culture. We are ISN Certified and have an Experience Rate Modifier (EMR Rate) of 0.71. Safety does not occur by chance; it is the result of careful attention to all company standards and is the direct responsibility of our project team.

Our Site Managers conduct Weekly Safety meetings to review the types of work and any potential hazards the employees are likely to face during the upcoming week and a review of any incidents that have occurred during the past week. Preventative actions and safety awareness are stressed to ensure the safety of all workers. FLC also employees a third-party consultant to perform monthly safety inspections on all our jobsites

 Quality Benefits
Our dedication to quality is recognized by those we serve, with over 85% of our annual workload results from clients coming back to Forcum Lannom. Our Supervisors and skilled self-perform workforce have an average of 20 years’ experience with Forcum Lannom; we strive to produce the highest-quality projects through efficient methods. We are proud to have our clients as partners and continually look for ways to provide better and more effective solutions.

 Forcum Lannom's Self-Perform Services

With our experience and expertise, we have the ability to self-perform work throughout the United States.

Our Self-perform expertise Includes:

Steel Erection
Carpentry & General Trades
Metal Roof & Side Wall Installation

Our fleet of construction equipment not only enhances our ability to self-perform but allows us to maintain and expedite the schedules and completion dates.

We also solicit and evaluate subcontractor quotations for these work items to determine the best solution for the project. This maintains competitive pricing and ensures the best solution is available for each project.