We implemented Procore!

What is Procore?
Procore is a cloud-based platform that provides a beginning-to-end solution, helping companies complete their construction projects efficiently and safely while meeting deadlines and budgets.

Our Challenges:
We needed a centralized cloud-based system with real-time data and accessibility that would bring together our existing systems and allow access team members to the information wherever they are located.

Solution - Procore:
Procore is a leading cloud-based construction management platform. The platform enables real-time collaboration through a centralized hub that clients, engineers, project managers, and subcontractors can manage their project activities. Procore has increased both project efficiency and accountability. At any time, you can look at your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to access real-time data and evaluate the progression of any project.

Benefits to FLC and our Clients:
Procore has centralized our data and increased our information output efficiency and communication. With Procore’s cloud-based system, we can share documents making everything easy to access and track in one location while keeping it organized. It has streamlined our submittal process and improved our turnaround times by using the “ball in court” approval method.

As a design-build contractor on fast track projects, designing a project can be a fluid process. Procore provides Forcum Lannom the ability to collaborate with clients, access the latest set of drawings, and make the necessary changes all in real-time. Once these changes occur, the revised set of drawings are in everyone’s hand immediately. This helps minimize confusion on which drawing set is the latest and prevents costly risks and delays.

With Procore, we can set up team members, including our clients, in a single distribution list, everyone on the list is copied on the related correspondence. All the team members can share information on one platform and sync from any location using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This makes it easy to make the necessary decisions and changes for the project.