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If you are a high performer looking to exceed expectations in a design-build company, then Forcum Lannom Contractors is the home for you.

For over 100 years, Forcum Lannom Contractors continues to be one of the most widely respected leaders in the construction industry. As a privately-owned, nationally recognized contractor, we specialize in fast-track design and construction of manufacturing and distribution facilities. At the heart of our success is our people who represent the spirit and family-like culture we strive for within our organization.


Within the fields of Design and Operations, we offer many Engineering, Construction, and Construction Manager opportunities.

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  • Our areas of expertise:

    • Design
    • Preconstruction
    • Project Management
    • FieldĀ Operations
  • What are the benefits?

    • Strengthens your resume
    • It may be used to fulfill university/college requirements
    • Allows you to gain "hands-on" experience and knowledge in the Design/Build Construction Industry from Forcum Lannom Contractors, one of the industry's leaders
    • Develops your "soft" skills (planning, accountability, time management, teamwork) through communication with the Project Team as well as vendors/subcontractors and network with industry professionals

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    Our People

    We invest in our employees by growing the future leaders of tomorrow and creating top-tier professional problem solvers. Likewise, our employees are committed to Forcum Lannom Contractors as seen in the 30-year average employee tenure.

    Career Opportunities



    If you have any questions about the job opportunities available at Forcum Lannom Contractors, please click below to contact us.

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