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Site Selection

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Site Selection

Our team of construction experts and in-house civil engineers collaborate with you to fully understand and determine the project scope, goals, and labor required. Once the project requirements have been defined, the following services are used to identify any potential sites and compare them with the project goals to determine how they best fulfill your needs.


A preliminary site analysis and review of federal, state, and local requirements enables Forcum Lannom Contractors to determine the development cost for each site. This process is beneficial in ranking the sites from a constructability perspective and is useful in the incentive negotiation process. Having Forcum Lannom Contractors’ Design Build team involved early in the site selection process can benefit the project significantly.


Incentive negotiations are essential to any capital investment project, whether an existing facility or a new facility. We will help you (or your consultant) identify and negotiate the most competitive incentive packages for potential sites. Forcum Lannom Contractors is experienced with the nuances of designing the work and administering the funding associated with various grant sources including both state and federal. This experience ensures continuity and compatibility between the grant funded and project scopes of work.


Once the site location has been determined or narrowed, Forcum Lannom Contractors’ strategic planning process begins by developing the basis of design. This design basis expands the project scope and goals by producing conceptual plans to give you a clear vision of how your finished project will look. Our conceptual planning process also compares the options for the cost (both installed and operational), implementation, and schedule. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding the budget and ensuring a successful project.


Once the conceptual plans have been finalized, the master planning process begins. The master planning process concentrates on developing detailed project specifications, plans, and schedules from the basis of design. The master plan addresses how the project will be planned, phased, and organized, as well as how major work activities are controlled to meet the project goals.

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