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Quality Commitment

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Quality Commitment


Forcum Lannom Contractors only solicit bids from firms which have the financial strength, local market knowledge, and capability to meet our schedule and quality expectations. We will evaluate local talent; and include subcontract bidders we have experience with to make sure we have the most qualified subcontractors for your project.

Our bid packages will include preliminary drawings, the project schedule, specific scope of work to be performed, and an outline of quality expectations. This results in obtaining bids from subcontractors prepared to perform to the team’s expectations.

Forcum Lannom Contractors will prepare the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for review, including our recommendation for best subcontractor bids. After review we will confirm the subcontractors’ complete understanding of the project and make our recommendations to the team for final approval of subcontractor selection and finalize the design.

Construction Process

Our Project Managers will work with our Design Managers to assemble all shop drawings and submittals. All submittals are reviewed for general compliance with the plans and specifications.

A Preconstruction Meeting will be held with each major subcontractor approximately two weeks prior to the subcontractor starting work on site. We will review the subcontract scope of work, drawings, and specifications with discussions to ascertain that the subcontractor's superintendent fully understands the project and the expectations of Client.


Our team will perform regular inspections to ensure that the installation methods and installed work to determine if it is in compliance with the contract documents, and whether it meets quality standards and/or mock-ups. All work areas will be inspected daily by the Site Manager to ensure proper sequencing of work and installation practices with particular attention to new work items.

A monthly job observation report will be completed and distributed to the Owner. This report will include review of the status of RFI's, outstanding issues, work scope in general. As sections of the work are near completion “final” inspections will be performed to ensure work is of good quality, complete and comply with contract and code requirements.

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